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OTO offers a range of high-quality CBD products for wellness and relaxation. They combine CBD with botanical ingredients to create natural solutions. With a focus on quality, transparency, and sustainability, OTO empowers individuals to incorporate CBD into their self-care routines for relaxation and balance.

The Challenge

With the UK emerging as the world’s second-largest consumer market for cannabinoid products, OTO faced a challenge in effectively reaching and engaging audiences due to advertising restrictions and the need to comply with MHRA guidelines on medical claims for CBD products. They needed a future-proof digital strategy to build trust in this emerging market and connect with both new and existing customers.

Our Solution

To overcome these challenges, our approach was to create an aspirational brand platform that could be amplified across various consumer touchpoints. We leveraged strategic partnerships and editorial content to build a unique online experience that effectively connected with OTO’s target market. By doing so, we aimed to increase consumer engagement, conversion rates, and customer retention, ultimately driving growth for the brand.

Our Solution


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Increase in AOV


Engagement rate on Instagram


Email open rate


Increase in total following


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Increase in link clicks


Increase in online sales

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