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Firsthand Supply is a brand that transforms men’s grooming with natural and sustainable products. They offer high-quality cosmetics, including hair pomades and beard oils, to simplify self-care routines. By prioritising ethical sourcing, they empower men to confidently showcase their individuality.

The Challenge

Firsthand Supply faced a challenge in optimizing customer acquisition and retention despite having a strong brand and product presence in the retail and wholesale market across the US.

Our Solution

We revamped Firsthand Supply’s online presence with an engaging online store, customized landing pages, and optimized email flows. Through targeted PPC and Paid Social campaigns, we attracted new audiences, increased sales, and expanded their customer database. Simultaneously, we implemented customer retention strategies that would foster long-term loyalty. By combining these efforts, Firsthand Supply increased their online sales and customer retention.

Our Solution


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MoM sales growth


Increase in PPC growth


Decrease in ad spend


Increase in conversion rate


Increase in AOV

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